I am a media consultant. In London I work in the cultural sector  - arts, cinema, food - demonstrating my ability to increase brand awareness and create good media coverage (Time Out, Londonist, Wall Street Journal and more). 

Have a look at some of the projects I worked on:

- CinemaItaliaUK which I co-founded in 2014 in London to screen Italian films not yet distributed for the English market.

- Gusto Italia is the Award for the Italian catering in the UK by the association of Italian chefs in the UK APCI-UK. I also took photos, I wrote interviews and made video interviews:

- Tasting Sicily at the Italian Cultural Institute in London:

- Sicily Unlimited

- Generation Generous

- NearMe


Read this article about CinemaItaliaUK on The Wall Street Journal, with an interview to me as PR of the company: 

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Francesca Marchese Journalist Francesca Archibugi